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Personal Development Coaching

" Tim has a wonderful knack for zeroing in on the real issue. I didn't know what to expect but left very satisfied and amazed by what happened. He let my process emerge when necessary and gave gentle guidance when needed. I am very greatful for the healing that happened painlessly and quickly. " Lisa M., Writer


Stopped Smoking in 3 Sessions

" I walked in a smoker and walked out a non-smoker. I heard but didn't quite believe in Hypnosis. I'm glad I tried it because now I'm smoke free for 4 months since my first session. It was totally effortless. " Jessica T., Mother


Reduced Fear and Stress in 2 Sessions

" After I had been in and out of therapy getting help from Psychologists and Psychiatrists for years, it seemed hard to believe that Mr. Marshall would be able to remove years of fear and negativity in only two sessions. After the first session I could tell that good things were happening inside me. What used to completely stress me out suddenly was reduced to an annoyance which I felt strong enough to do something about. A lot of my feelings have completely changed. Thanks for everything! " Paul A., Attorney


Stopped Procrastinating

" After being stagnant for several years, chasing dreams of going into businesses that never worked I decided to talk with someone who might be able to help me improve my decision-making. Tim Marshall coached me into understanding my delusions and my incongurencies. After a few sessions I decided to re-prioritize and attain economic stability. I did what I always dreaded and looked down on: I got a job and feel comfortable with it. Never again will I get sucked into Multi-Level Marketing. " Terry S., Business Owner


Stopped Smoking with Ease

" The way this works is unbelievable. Tim I can't thank you enough for your good work. I hope everyone starts using NLP to quit smoking. I'm so pleased that I'm thinking about how NLP can be used to correct some other areas of my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Sara C., Student


Suffered from Depression and Grief after Losing Husband

" Three years ago after losing my husband, I found myself still grieving. I'd stopped socializing with friends and rarely left home. After just a few sessions with Mr. Marshall my depression was greatly reduced. Feeling more alive I actually look forward to joining friends and family and hearing what's going on in their lives. :) Thanks Mr. Tim! " Wendy F., Retired


From Social Anxiety to Socially Active

" I'm thoroughly sold on NLP and Hypnotherapy. Tim makes the change process smoother and easier than I could ever imagine. I used to dread being around people sometimes to the extent of sweating and panicing inside. After our first session I had none of the usual symptoms of near panic, no fears, no sweating, no anxieties. My train ride home that day on a crowded rush-hour train was the first totally comfortable experience I can remember in my 40 years. Tim asked many questions which made me believe that I can re-prioritize from numerous choices. Amazing! Many thanks. " Ed Y., Construction


Free from Self-Sabotage at Higher Income Levels

" Mr. Marshall understands what's needed to "create meaningful change" in a short time. He coached me and my business practices after making a series of disastrous business decisions. His questioning caused me to realize that I'd been my own worst enemy once I anticipated reaching a certain income. He guided me to work out new directions and strategies. Now that more profitable decisions are being made, I'm happy to say two sessions is all it took. Thank you so much."
Yolanda. L., Business Owner


Free of Depression and Post Traumatic Stress

" Throughout my childhood I was traumatized by both parents. It seemed I was never good enough. Although I did well in school and professionally I later became severely depressed and could no longer function on my job or in relationships. Years of medicating my troubles helped at first, but the feelings once again became too overwhelming. Mr. Marshall worked with me for 2 months and I was able to go back to work and am happily functioning. :-) " Marla Y., Department Manager


Free of Anxiety, Daily Stress, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress

" It only took a month of NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions to start a new begining and leave the old cycle of anxiety, stress and depression behind. My old memories are no longer troublesome. I began to suffer in my adult years from depression resulting from being traumatized  as a child. The least little thing that didn't go my way used to stress me out. " Evelyn S., Administration



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