Hand Washing,

No More Fear of Germs


" I live in Oslo, Norway and one day hope to visit Chicago, USA. I needed help with a fear of germs which led me to washing my hands several times daily for no real reason, every time I touched certain things.


I found Tim while doing an online search. I knew NLP works but wasn't sure how it would be for me living thousands of miles away. I'm happy to say it worked beautifully. After 6 sessions, 15 years of ritualized, compulsiive, needless hand-washing has stopped and I have no more fear of germs. "




Mary.R.,, Administrative Assistant

Get Over Compulsive Habits With Hypnosis and NLP



Stop Compulsive Habits


Stop Obsessing. OCD Therapy. My clients have experienced tremendous relief through the use of Hypnotherapy and NLP. The two methods complement each other well and are powerfully effective in reducing or eliminating the effects of Obsessions and Compulsions.  NLP and Hypnosis can help you stop obsessing plus end compulsions by effortlessly re-training your mind to automatically respond in a suitable fashion.


Common Compulsive Habits

Stop Smoking                         Procrastination

Stop Overeating                     Relationships

Stop Nail Biting                      Hoarding

Stop Gambling                        Anorexia

Stop Anger                              Bulimia


Hypnotherapy and NLP can help enable you to live a healthy, fulfilling life - the way you'd like it to be.


If you choose to get help for your compulsive habits from me, you can receive related benefits e.g. reduce depression; reduce stress and anxiety; stop fearing and phobias.

You can be free to lead a normal life.  Along with improvements  in your overall physical, emotional and mental well-being your senses of self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and self-appreciation can improve markedly.


So stop obsessing. Use Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you get , long-lasting relief. Your results can be amazingly fast.


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